ProTV Australia Pty Ltd. is an Australian-owned and operated Trademark Company. We work to bring you the best entertainment deal.

With the ProTV Smart Box and the Live ProTV app, you can have endless access to amazing watchable resources and then more amazing resources from the play store on the Android 9 platform.

Spending a fortune every time one wants to watch a movie is a problem that we wanted gone. And the fact that all movies are not released on the same date in all parts of the world just seems unfair on the people who have to wait longer than the others to watch the new releases.

So here we are with the ProTV Smart Box. You can watch as many movies as you want along with all new releases just as they arrive. You only have to pay a small one-time cost and forget about paying for movies for life.

We also have The Live ProTV App. It allows you to choose from 17k live TV channels and videos on demand from about 180 countries.

We offer abundance and quality entertainment for very little cost.

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